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1. Use more slides! (Powerpoints are not like overhead transparencies)

Back in the days when we used overhead transparencies, we tried to cram as much text onto the slide as possible (since each slide cost between 50c to $1). Powerpoint slides are much cheaper! Therefore consider putting just one verse of Scripture per slide, not 27. Use one Powerpoint slide to emphasize one point of the presentation. Consider using multiple slides to give the appearance of animating your presentation.

2. Avoid WordART

Powerpoint comes with a graphics/text editor called “WordART”. It’s ugly. Don’t use it. Instead, use a dedicated graphics program like Photoshop to create your text as a jpg file and import into your Powerpoint presentation.

3. Simple Backgrounds 

Powerpoint slide backgrounds should be subtle and consistent. Don’t use a different background for each slide. This is visually confusing. Backgrounds are supposed to be backgrounds!

4. Use Pictures and Photos 

Text-only is harsh. Pictures and photos soften a presentation and generally make it warmer. Really good Powerpointers can communicate their message cleverly by using pictures or photos as 80% of their presentation. -Andrew Corbett


“Christmas Gifts” [Download] 349Kb

10 Weird Facts About Christmas, with a concluding appeal to receive the greatest and most valuable gift: God’s Son, The Saviour.

Sample slides…

Download: [POWERPOINT 26.4Mb] | [Zipped POWERPOINT 26.32Mb] [Apple KEYNOTE 29.76Mb]



Free Powerpoint Sermon slides Christmas Lights “Light” is the most common attribute associated with the first Christmas. This message looks at what light does, why we are drawn to things affected by light- oceans, fires, night-skies, people… The Bible declares that Jesus would be God’s light bursting upon the world and how Christmas lights shoud remind us of this. [Download]   [Powerpoint File]
Christmas: God’s Answer An Apologetic Christmas Message. [PPT] [Keynote]
Christmas Glory A meditation on Psalm 98  
Christmas Apologetic, 1.5MB  
The Man Who Tried To Kill Christmas! [Download]  
Christmas In Hebrews, (12KB)  

 Christmas Message, The Importance of “1”, (1MB)


Redeeming Christmas (2MB)




God’s Love (Based On John 3:16)

God's Love Powerpoint Sermon

[Download Powerpoint] [Apple Keynote]



Christian Doctrine

What Christians REALLY believe

What Christians Really Believe

Many people today know Christianity for what they think it is against, rather than what it actually believes. This presentation looks at what most critics think Christianity is all about and what it actually believes. This presentation also contains 2 video testimonies. [Transcript version][Download without video testimonies 748Kb]
[Download with video testimonies 36.6Mb]

Christianity’s Big Words 

This is 2 Powerpoint files dealing with 4 of Christianity’s “biggest” words [Download]
The Church
Free Sermon Powerpoints - The Plan of God, Ephesians The Plan Of God: The Church (As Revealed In The Epistle To The Ephesians)
The plan of God hubs through the Church. It involves reconciliation in six key arenas commencing with our relationship with God…
[Download 7.7MB]

Resolving Church Conflict (32KB)


Developing a Community of Grace (2.2MB)


 How a church can be characterised by Grace (1.3MB)

 The Ministry of Grace (1.7MB)  


The Bible

Exegeting Itching Ears

Exegeting Itching EarsBased on Second Timothy 4, this presentation encourages making Scripture your source of truth, your authority for faith and doctrine and your guide for life.

Download this Powerpoint File(Right click on this link and “Save As”) 2.3Mb

 The Bible For Left-Handers

This presentation opens with an explanation of the “big picture” of the Bible then deals specifically with Judges 20:16 ~ “Among all these were 700 chosen men who were left-handed; every one could sling a stone at a hair and not miss.”

The Uniqueness & Authority of the Bible (7.3 MB)




The Work of Jesus

The Work of Jesus - Free Sermon Powerpoint PresentationGrounded in Mark 9, this focuses on the father who brought his demon-possessed son to Jesus for healing. It highlights that the work of Jesus involved a mission of preaching, praying and loving. This mission must continue today through His people.

Download the Powerpoint File (Right click on this link and “Save As”) 6.5Mb

Who Do You Say I AM?

Who Do You Say That I Am - Sermon PowerpointWho do you say I am? was the question that Jesus asked His disciples.

Download the Powerpoint (Zip File, 4MB)

 Jesus, Part 5 THE SAVIOUR  From the Gospel of Luke, Jesus The Saviour
Jesus The Saviour, Powerpoint
[Download the FREE Powerpoint Presentation]
Jesus, Part 3 THE MAN From the Gospel of Luke, Jesus The Man

[Download the FREE Powerpoint Presentation]
Jesus, Part 2 THE LORD From the Gospel of Luke, Jesus The Lord
Jesus The Lord, Powerpoint Sermon Slides
[Download the FREE Powerpoint Presentation]
Jesus, Part 1 THE MESSIAH From the Gospel of Luke, Jesus The Christ
Jesus The Messiah, Free Sermon Powerpoints
[Download Free Powerpoint Presentation]


Misunderstood Fathers, Confused Sons, and Desperate Daughters
The word “prodigal” means lavishexcessive (from prodigious). Just who is the ‘prodigal’ in the story of the father of the two sons in Luke 15? This is an ideal Fathers’ Day message.Download the Powerpoint Presentation (10.1Mb)Download the Keynote Presentation
The Father’s Heart

(This presentation is subtitled in German Deutsche)

Based on the story of Mephibosheth, this presentation about the Father heart of God, calls us to reflect it to the world.

Download The Powerpoint Presentation (Zip file)

Download The Keynote Presentation

Fatherhood (3.4Mb) [Download]  Fatherhood Powerpoints




The Roman Catholic View of Mary (“Mariology”) Examined The Difference Between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity Sermon Powerpoint Presentation - MariologyOne of the central tenents of Roman Catholicism is the veneration of The Virgin Mary. This is an examination of that tenent compared with the Bible’s teaching.
The Difference Between Roman Catholicism & Biblical Christianity The Difference Between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity Sermon Powerpoint PresentationThis is an overview of the differences between Roman Catholicism compared with ‘Biblical’ Christianity.
 Apologetics 2.6Mb  


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