Which Translation Can I Trust? eBook

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 Without doubt, the King James Version of the Bible has been the most influential translation in the English speaking world. It is estimated that up to 160,000,000 English speaking Christians still use the King James Version as their primary source of Scripture reading.  But its popularity is now waning fast. The modern era has witnessed a vast array of fresh translations of the Bible into English. There are now translations that attempt to put the original language into modern language. There are other translations that seek to put the original meaning into modern meaning. While these two different approaches result in different translations, they both purport to be God’s Word.

 To add to the confusion, modern marketing has produced Bibles for children, youth, women, men, singles, and students. Judging by book-store catalogues, these appear to be extremely successful. While there have always been reference and commentary Bibles this century, there has been an amazing deluge of them in recent times. Again these are proving very successful. But do the prolific number of modern Bible translations hold to the original integrity of God’s message to man? Read this eBook and find out!

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