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THE CHRISTIAN WALK – Studies In First Peter

The Christian Walk Series – complete PDF Set

Lesson 1 Chosen To Be Strange Introduction to First Peter First Peter 1:1-2
Lesson 2 Born Again And Bound For Glory First Peter 1:3-5
Lesson 3 Sufferings, Trials, And Testings First Peter 1:6-7
Lesson 4 The Believer’s Focus: JESUS First Peter 1:8-9
Lesson 5 Christ: Suffered But Was Glorified  First Peter 1:10 – 12
Lesson 6 Living The Walk: Holiness In Mind  First Peter 1:13 – 14
Lesson 7 We Live Differently  First Peter 1:15 – 17
Lesson 8 We Have Been Redeemed First Peter 1:18 – 21
Lesson 9 What Love Means In The Christian Community First Peter 1:22 
Lesson 10 Life Is Short, You Must Be Born Again First Peter 1:23 – 25
Lesson 11 Don’t Hate, Don’t Lie, Don’t Neglect The Word  
Lesson 12 The Universal Church Building Program  
Lesson 13 The People of God With Purpose  
Lesson 14 Be Objects Of Pagan Admiration  
Lesson 15 Submission To Authority  
Lesson 16 Godliness In The Workplace  First Peter 2:18-20
Lesson 17 No Retaliation For Insults  First Peter 2:21-25
Lesson 18
Unsaved Husbands  First Peter 3:1-6
Lesson 19
A Word To Husbands  First Peter 3:7
Lesson 20
A Summary Thus Far  First Peter 3:8-12
Lesson 21
Quiet Evangelism First Peter 3:13-18
Lesson 22
The Believer’s Baptism  First Peter 3:19
Lesson 23
A Different Attitude  First Peter 4:1-3
Lesson 24
You’re Strange  First Peter 4:4-5
Lesson 25 
Being A Clear Minded Prayer-Head First Peter 4:7-9
Lesson 26
Do What You Do – Do Well First Peter 4:10-11
Lesson 27
When Suffering Is Good and Judgment Is Necessary  First Peter 4:12-19
Lesson 28
The Requirements Of An Elder  First Peter 5:1-4
Lesson 29
The Best Thing To Do With What Little Self-Esteem We Have Left  First Peter 5:5-7
Lesson 30 
The Protection Of God  First Peter 5:8-11



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