'Faith' is not believing something despite the facts - on the contrary - Biblical faith is a matter of believing the facts.

"It's not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, it's that it's been tried and found difficult!" - G.K. Chesterton

Current featured article, May 12th 2018


Holidaying on the Fraser CoastI’m currently on Annual Leave. Having just attended and spoken at the A2A Conference on the Gold Coast, we chose to tack onto the first part of our leave some time on the Fraser Coast (which is north of the more famous, Sunshine Coast). To our surprise and delight, the motel where we had booked our couple of week’s stay upgraded us to a room which had cable TV. Taking advantage of this perk I channel surfer to the Christian channels and landed at Daystar where Irvin Baxter was interviewing Pastor Paul Begley on his program, End Of The Age (May 7th, 2018). I had never encountered either of these men, who struck as being very zealous and sincere. But what they stated as being ‘Biblical’ and clear signs from the Bible that we are living at the end of the age was bewildering. And even more bewildering was their claim that God was using President Donald Trump as a modern-day Cyrus who would help to usher in the return of Christ by moving the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem!

Dr. Irvin Baxter, END OF THE AGE, aired on Daystar

Dr. Irvin Baxter, END OF THE AGE, aired on Daystar

Pastor Paul Begley (West Lafayette, Indiana) was ‘interviewed’ by Irvin Baxter on Daystar, “END OF THE AGE”, claimed that President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, and America’s decision to move their embassy to Jerusalem, was the fulfilment of Bible prophecy. Particularly Psalm 48:1 and Zechariah chapters 12-14.

Pastor Paul Begley also made the astounding claim, “Donald Trump has a very similar anointing to that of Cyrus.” King Cyrus was instrumental in initiating the rebuilding of Jerusalem which set of a chain of events which set the stage for the coming the Messiah. If I understand what Pastor Begley is either implying or categorically stating, is that he believes… [continue reading]

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