'Faith' is not believing something despite the facts - on the contrary - Biblical faith is a matter of believing the facts.

"It's not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, it's that it's been tried and found difficult!" - G.K. Chesterton

3rd November 2019


I’m not really in rap music. And, based on my limited knowledge of rap music, it appears that most rappers aren’t necessarily into theology. That makes us even. But rappers are the poets of today and therefore often give voice to the many issues that their generation are grappling with. One of the most popular rappers today is the Canadian singer, Dax, who has just released his latest song, Dear God. In theological terms, this song is an imprecatory song. He told a Hip Hop website –

“As I grew older I drifted away [from church] because I think I was never properly explained why I should be there,” he wrote via Instagram“I’ve had this ‘Dear God’ idea for a while but could never finish writing it because I didn’t feel I had enough life experiences,” he adds. “Now at 25 I feel ‘somewhat’ ready.”

This song is a list of Dax’s disappointments with religion, church, the Bible, and Jesus. One of his biggest disappointments with Jesus is that He said He was going to return “soon” — but He hasn’t! I wish I had the opportunity to sit down with Dax and listen more closely to his grievances and then perhaps offer him a different perspective, especially about what he has been told about the return of Christ. This probably won’t ever happen though. In the meantime, I would present him with a copy of The Most Embarrassing Verse In The Bible and dare to suggest that this little book might clear up his confusion and resolve this particular disappointment with Jesus.   [READ MORE]

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