'Faith' is not believing something despite the facts - on the contrary - Biblical faith is a matter of believing the facts.

"It's not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, it's that it's been tried and found difficult!" - G.K. Chesterton

August 28th 2018


Dr. Craig Hazen of Talbot School of Theology, Los Angeles

For those unacquainted with religions, it is often thought by them that all religions are basically the same. After all, every religion offers peace of mind, moral teaching, a connection with the divine, and a means for prayer, ritual, and worship, leading to meaning, fulfilment, and happiness.

To the unacquainted, religion sounds like one of life’s optional extras. It is particularly suited to those who are not scientific, easily intellectually satisfied with mystical answers, and probably already familiar with religion due to their upbringing.

But if you are in the market, so to speak, for a religion, there are several to choose from. Perhaps the greatest piece of advice about where to start comes from Dr. Craig Hazen. He gives 5 reasons for his advice which are worth considering.

If considering which religion is right, and therefore right for you, Dr. Hazen strongly suggests commencing with the claims of Christianity because… [READ]

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