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 Tips for leading a small group Bible Study-

Our Bible Study Groups are a really important part of believer’s discipleship. Bible Study Groups are not merely an intellectual exercise. They are a profound enterprise in building the community of our church so that there is a strong hedge of protection around each member of the church participating. Bible Study Group leaders are responsible for-

(i) Discussing what the text actually says. This means using questions like- “Does anyone else have a different translation of that text?” “How might you re-word that text?” “What is Paul (or the author of the text) trying to say here?” “Does the context of this text affect the way we understand what is really being said here?”

(ii) Discussing what the text means. This means using questions like- “What does this [word] mean in this text?” “Can you recall any other Bible texts that shed light on this text?” “What would you say to someone who said [ridiculous interpretation of the text] ?” “Are there any Biblical exceptions to this?”

(iii) Discussing how the text applies to us. This means facilitating questions like- “Have you ever met anyone who did this text well?” “If someone wanted to improve in how they obeyed this text, what they have to do better?” “How could a believer faced with [difficult and challenging circumstances] apply this text?” “If you met someone who was struggling with this text what could you say to them to help them?” “Can you think of another text that complements this text?” “If we as a group did this verse really well, what challenges would we have had had to overcome to get there?

To open one of the Bible Studies series below, click on the ( + ) sign on each Bible Study Series. To download either the coaching MP3, or the Printable PDF files, right-click on the link and “Save as” or “Download linked file”.


Dear Dr. Corbett,
We’ve been using your discipleship series for almost 3 years now. We find them helpful even in online meetings. The group I am handling is composed of Filipinos working in South East Asian countries (Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam). And i thank the Lord for how your ministry is extended to us.
Thank you so much. God bless you!
Rhena Sanchez

Rena Sanchez

Bible Study Group Leader, South East Asia

Hi Dr Corbett. Love your Bible Studies. I use them for our Connect group. Thanks so much for making your material available. The studies are so practical and easy to use.

Robert Lo Surdo

Connect Group Leader, South Western Christian Church, Padstowe NSW

The Gospel – Paul’s Epistle To The Romans

16 Studies

Romans 1 – 16

Covenant Community of Believers

27 Studies

Romans 12:9-21

How Then Shall We Now Live

20 Studies

Romans 13 – 16

The Christian Walk, from First Peter

30 Studies

First Peter

Hi. I want to thank you for your group Bible studies. We find them very helpful & we love doing them.

Bill Shipley

Deacon, Fleckney Baptist Church, England

We have a congregation of about 80. From 12-15 people attend Bible Study each week. The sharing of insights from the Scriptures have been wonderful and make for great discussion.

Patrick Rossi

Teaching Pastor, First Church of God Mt Vernon, Ohio,USA

Overcoming Giants

3 Studies

Book of Joshua

Acts of Transformation

4 Studies

Book of Acts

Name, A Story

5 Studies

Genesis +

Surprised By True Love

5 Studies

First John

I just wanted to let you know I am from a church of 14 campuses in Michigan, and I am using your small group teaching in my small group of 16 people. We meet every 2 weeks, but since the lock down we have been doing zoom ever Friday at 7pm to stay connected. I just wanted to encourage you and let you know how much your video’s and notes have helped me to lead a small group. Thanks so much.

Joe Derue

Bible Study Group Leader, Woodside Bible Church, Detroit, Michigan

I am a small group leader at a church in Nevada and in our group we have been using your fabulous Downloadable study guide for the Beatitudes. They have been just perfect for the group. Thanks so much and have a blessed day.

Adrianne Mitchell

Small Group Leader, Nevada, USA

The Mission of The Church

6 Studies

New Testament

What Jesus Commanded

20 Studies


What The New Testament Commands

20 Studies

The New Testament

Colossians- DIFFERENT

11 Studies


Hi Dr. Corbett. I lead a small group at our church and we discovered your Bible Studies when I took over the group from our missions pastor who contracted cancer. We were studying Romans at the time and when he told me he was using three commentaries and a couple of other references to come up with the lessons, I knew I was in trouble being a retired electrical engineer with no formal biblical training. We used your The Gospel study to complete the book of Romans and the group liked it so much they decided to do your Christian Walk study of I Peter next. I miss the mp3s but have been doing ok with just the pdfs.

David Parker

Bible Study Group Leader, U.S.A.

Dear Andrew, I’ like to thank you for the stimulating studies from the book of Colossians, they were very helpful. As an additional note I have read about Frank Boreham in the past and I then watched Navigating Strange Seas which I found helpful and encouraging. Thank you for the time and effort you put into these studies.

Richard Cherry

Small Group Leader, London, UK

The 8 Greatest True Stories In The Bible

Intro to the Bible for novices

Bible – Theology
Prayer That Works, Bible Studies

Rejoice! Paul’s Epistle To The Philippians

8 Studies




15 Study Topics

Apologetics, Culture, Philosophy

5 Cultural Lies About Sex

5 Studies

A Survey of what the Bible Teaches

The Beatitudes of Christ

11 Studies

Matthew 5-7
Prayer That Works, Bible Studies

Prayer That Works

7 Studies


We Believe

14 Studies

Old & New Testaments

TITUS – 10 Truths, Doctrines, Principles

10 Studies


Lessons From The Life of King David

7 Studies

First Samuel – First Chronicles 
Prayer That Works, Bible Studies

Love Fragrances

6 Studies


Hope For The Hopeless

3 Studies

Old & New Testaments

 Journey Through The Psalms

4 Studies


Church-Based Leadership Development Program

(Contact us for Answer Keys.)

Bible – Theology – Ministry
Prayer That Works, Bible Studies

Redemption Stories

6 Studies

The Gospels

Proverbial Wisdom

6 Studies

The Book of Proverbs

Dear Timothy

10 Studies

First & Second Timothy

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