Introducing Andrew Corbett…

Dr. Andrew Corbett, December 2017

Andrew Corbett has pastored Legana Christian Church in Northern Tasmania since 1995. He is the National President of ICI Theological College Australia (a leading Theological distance education provider). He holds degrees in Biblical Studies, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree. His radio program, Finding Truth Matters, is heard around Australia and by Podcast around the world. He is a visiting scholar with the Los Angeles based Science-Faith Think Tank – Reasons To Believe

Andrew Corbett with Wayne Codiero

Wayne Cordiero (Honolulu) and Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett with Winkie Pratney

Winkie Pratney and Andrew Corbett

Dr Andrew CorbettHe is the author of several books including- What Is A Family? (And Why It Matters!), The Most Embarrassing Verse In The Bible, The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible, Why Christians Should Get Involved, Authentic Apostolic Leadership, and Five Proofs For The Existence of God. His many articles on Biblical, Theological, Apologetic and Public Policy issues appear on this website and Finding Truth Matters ( He has also authored hundreds of Bible Studies for small groups which are available for free download from Legana Christian Church’s website.

Dr Andrew Corbett speakingAndrew is married to Kim and together they have four children. He is an avid F.W. Boreham book collector, the Producer of the 5 Part Documentary series on the life and ministry of Dr. F.W. Boreham – NAVIGATING STRANGE SEAS, a serious tennis player, and a keen photographer and videographer.

He regularly invited to speak in churches, Bible Colleges, High Schools, and Conferences and Conventions.

Andrew Corbett with Professor Kenneth Samples

Prof. Kenneth Samples with Andrew Corbett

To be continued…

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