He’s considered to be one of the twenty greatest preachers of all time…

Each week more video title are added to Youtube or Vimeo. Check back regularly.


Video topics include-

The Book of Jeremiah, F.W. Boreham, Apologetics, Theological Controversies, and of course, Bible Prophecy.

5 Reasons For The Church

Introducing Christian Doctrine (1 of 4)

The Story of Ruth

Understand The Book of Revelation

The Reasons For Believing In The God Of The Bible

Introducing The Epistle of James (Part 1 of 10)

With Dr. Hugh Ross discussing the Cosmological Proof For God’s Existence

Should We Apply The ‘Law’ Of Double Reference To Bible Prophecies?

The Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning

Understand The Background To The Book of Revelation by Understanding Its Context

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