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For those unacquainted with religions, it is often thought by them that all religions are basically the same. After all, every religion offers peace of mind, moral teaching, a connection with the divine, and a means for prayer, ritual, and worship, leading to meaning, fulfilment, and happiness.

To the unacquainted, religion sounds like one of life’s optional extras. It is particularly suited to those who are not scientific, easily intellectually satisfied with mystical answers, and probably already familiar with religion due to their upbringing.

But if you are in the market, so to speak, for a religion, there are several to choose from. Perhaps the greatest piece of advice about where to start comes from Dr. Craig Hazen. He gives 5 reasons for his advice which are worth considering.

If considering which religion is right, and therefore right for you, Dr. Hazen strongly suggests commencing with the claims of Christianity because –

  1. You should start with Christianity because its claims are testable. (And Christianity invites investigation into its claims.)
  2. Among all the religions of the world and their demands, only Christianity is free. It is based on the grace of God.
  3. Christianity is the only worldview which actually matches reality. For example, what is reality according to Eastern mysticism? It says that the world is an illusion. But Christianity says that it is actually what it is.
  4. In Christianity you get to live a non-compartmentalised life – that is, a wholistic life, not a bifurcated life.
  5. Christianity has all of Jesus at the centre – whereas, every other religion has just ‘a piece of Jesus’. 

Dr. Andrew Corbett, December 2017


One of the other advantages of starting with Christianity in a religious investigation is that you can commence privately. All you have to do to commence is pray – talk to God. Ask Him to show you the truth. Ask Him to guide you. Your private investigation can continue by reading about the Founder of Christianity for yourself by reading the third book of the New Testament (the founding documents of Christianity), called, The Gospel of Luke. By combining both prayer and Bible reading in your investigation you can independently come to your own conclusions. I’d love to hear how your journey goes.

-Andrew Corbett 


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