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Behind every name there is a story. F.W. Boreham opens his autobiography with the statement about every person has a story to tell. In fact, he says, the person whose story is not worth telling has never been born. One of the unique things about the Bible compared with other so-called religious holy books, is that it is a story. Not only is their a grand story which undergirds it, there are numerous short stories punctuating it. Some of these short stories have entire biblical books dedicated to them. Others warrant a chapter or two. But these five people, with whom we are about to become more acquainted, receive no more than a one-verse mention. Yet their impact on the world was profound. They, like most true heroes, are the unsung heroes of this world. It is my hope that by considering the lives and works of these people, you may even reconsider your own contribution to our world and decrease your possible desire for fame or even acknowledgement, and come to realise that the One who truly matters always honours those who know it and seek to give Him all the fame and acknowledgement they can.

 1. Jubal – Father of Musical Instruments

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2. Tubal-cain, the developer of Metallurgy

3. Elzaphan, undertaker to dead priests 

4. Ahiezer, the man who could never be right

5. Tertius, the almost anonymous letter writer

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