I’m not really into hip hop, or rap, music. And, based on my limited knowledge of hop hop/rap music, it appears that most rappers or hip hoppers aren’t necessarily into theology. That makes us even. But rappers and hip hoppers are the poets of today and therefore often give voice to the many issues that their generation are grappling with. One of the most popular hip hoppers today is the Canadian poet, rapper and singer, Dax (Daniel Nwosu Jr.), who has just released his latest song, Dear God. In theological terms, this song is an imprecatory-lament song. He told a Hip Hop website

“As I grew older I drifted away [from church] because I think I was never properly explained why I should be there,” he wrote via Instagram“I’ve had this ‘Dear God’ idea for a while but could never finish writing it because I didn’t feel I had enough life experiences,” he adds. “Now at 25 I feel ‘somewhat’ ready.”
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“Dear God” is a list of Dax’s disappointments with religions, church, the Bible, and Jesus. 

I just want to make this clear
I am a believer
But sometimes it gets hard
My name is Dax
(Dear God)

Dear God
There’s a lot of questions that I have about the past (can you hear me?)
And I don’t want hear it from a human you made
So you’re the last person that I’m ever gonna ask
Tell me what’s real, tell me what’s fake
Why is everything about you a debate? (Why?)
What’s the point of love?
Every time I’ve showed it
I was broken and it’s forced me just to only wanna hate
Why’s there only one you but multiple religions? (Why?)
Why does every conversation end in a division? (Why?)
Why does everybody want to tell us how to live
But they won’t listen to the same damn message that they giving? (F**k them)
Tell me how to feel, tell me what’s wrong
I tried to call, pick up the phone (pick up), I’m on my own
Everybody says you coming back
Then man why the hell’s it taking so long?
Why do I hurt? (Why?)
Why is there pain?
Why does everything good always have to change? (Why?)
Why does everybody try to profit off another man’s work
Then destroy it just for monetary gain? (F**k them)
Tell me are you black or are you white?
I don’t even really care I just really want to know what’s right
They been saying one thing but I’ve been looking in the book
And it seems like they’ve been lying for my whole damn life
Tell me where I’m going (where?)
Is it heaven or hell?
I just hope this message greets you well
I had a dream that I was walking with the devil
Don’t remember how it feels but I swear that I remember the smell
Looked me right into my eyes and told me everything I wanted
Could be mine if I gave up and decided to sell
But I said I’d rather die than get mine now I’m here
No fear one man with a story to tell

Dear God, where were you when I needed it?
When I f**ked up and repeated it?
When they set the bar and I exceeded it? (Where were you?)
My life is like a book that they’ve been judging by a cover
But have never took the time to f**king read the s**t (f**k ’em)
I remember telling you my goals and my dreams
But you didn’t even answer so I guess you didn’t believe in it
I remember sitting with a gun to my head trying to ask
You for some help but I guess you didn’t believe in it!
I don’t want religion I need that spirituality
I don’t want a church I need people to call a family
I don’t wanna tell my sins to another sinner just
Because he’s got a robe and he went to some academy
I don’t wanna read it in a book, I wanna hear it from you
Don’t wanna learn it in a school because they’re hiding the truth
Don’t wanna talk about it to another f**king human being
And that’s only reason that I even stepped in this booth

Dear God
How do I take this darkness and turn it into light?
How do believe in a concept where I speak to a man
I’ve never seen with my own two eyes?
How do I know that religion wasn’t made
Just to separate the world and create a whole disguise
Just to keep us in these chains while the rich get richer
And the poor pray to you and perpetuate a lie?
How do I know this ain’t some big joke? (How?)
How can I have faith when there is no hope? (How?)
How the hell does one man have a hundred billion dollars
And we still have people on the street that are broke?
There’s a lot of things I wanna talk about and get off my chest
I can’t sleep ’cause the devil won’t let me rest
I used to know a f**king pastor in a church
And I can still hear the screams of the kids he would f**king molest

Dear God, do you hear me? (Do you hear me?)
I’m supposed to fear you but you ain’t said s**t
So maybe it’s you who actually fears me?
I don’t know the answer I just want to see it clearly
So many lies there’s a thousand different theories
All I want to know is who really made religion
Because I know it wasn’t you but don’t nobody believes me
No more lies, no more death
Bring back King, bring back X
Please dear God let their souls rest
Protect who’s left and watch their steps

Dear God
I don’t want to have to ask you again
I just hope that you know that I’m still a believer
So I’ll end this all by saying, “Amen”
It’s Dax

Source: LyricFind  Songwriters: Daniel Nwosu Jr.  Dear God lyrics © Create Music


Dax’s song actually reflects many of the Biblical lament Psalms. A lament Psalm was a ‘complaint Psalm’ where God was often the subject of the complaint. For example, the Psalmist reflects many of the same sentiments that Dax complains to God about-

¶ Why, O LORD, do you stand far away?
Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?
Psalm 10:1

Dax wonders why there are so many religions when there is just one God? That’s a great question. The assumption within his question is a logical one: since all religions wildly disagree on the identity and nature of God, they can not all be true (since the Logical Law of Non-Contradiction kicks in)! He asks how it is then possible to identify which religion is true — as if the answer can never be determined. But it can be. There are ways to determine whether a claim, even if it is a religious claim, is true or not. Religious devotion to God is not a matter of “blind faith” — rather, it’s a matter of reasonable faith. For any claim to be true, especially claims about God and how to find peace with Him, it must

(i) correspond with what we already know to be true (“be verifiable”)

(ii) be consistent, be the best explanation of all the evidence (“coherent”)

(iii) not be contradictory

(iv) be provable (or disprovable, if it is false)

(v) have the weight of corroborating eye-witness testimony or evidence (which is why the unverifiable, contradictory, incoherent, word of one person is not a great foundation for a truth claim, especially a religious truth claim!).

Dax charges God with being silent. But this is not true. Hebrews 1 tells us what we all intuitively know to be true—that God has spoken to mankind in many and varied ways but has especially spoken through His Word and most especially through His Son — and that He still speaks today.

Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed the heir of all things, through whom also He created the world.
Hebrews 1:1-2

Dax asks God where He was when he was making a mess of his life. I’ve had many people ask me this for the same reason that Dax asks it. I would much prefer to listen more closely to Dax’s heart and hear the ache of that heart before offering a simplistic answer to that painful question. Dax sings that he feels that many people think they know him but that they were really only ever looking at him like a book-cover without taking the time to look inside and ‘read the book’. That’s why I would want to take the time to get to know him first. I am now a pastor in my third church. I began pastoring this church, Legana Christian Church in the year that Dax was born. Two of my four children are older than Dax. I only mention this because one of the few privileges of living into old age is that the questions you ask God about His seeming lack of interest in our lives end up looking quite different after the benefit of a few decades of life going by. Those times when life seemed so unfair and God seemed to be so indifferent, turn out to be (with the benefit of hindsight) the times when God was indeed very near and shepherding us more intently. One of the pain-filled lines in Dax’s song refers to demand that God deals with directly, not through another flawed human. In the Book of Job we hear the beleaguered Job demand the same thing, only to have God answer his complaints by sending Elihu (a human being).

Then Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, burned with anger. He burned with anger at Job because he justified himself rather than God.
Job 32:2

But maybe Dax would never want to talk to someone like me, a pastor, after the horrible experience with a pastor in a church he used to attend(?) who he describes was sexually molesting children? I can’t blame him. I’m repulsed and appalled by this kind of reprehensible and disgraceful behaviour as well. I don’t know how it could be heard by Dax, and others with similar complaints about these wretched pastors, but I would point out that the vast majority of pastors I know are genuine, caring, and careful people who do not own private jets or live in huge mansions, or drive fancy cars. Instead, they serve a small community of ordinary people in their churches and tend to them as they get go through life’s struggles, get married, have children, suffer loss, and prepare to die. In the small town where I live and pastor, I often think that I am like a goldfish living in a goldfish-bowl. My life is lived transparently. Two of my children were born here and all four of my children grew up here and went to public schools (and Christian schools). When we built our new church building we wanted to make a very clear statement about being transparent and open. Apart from installing security cameras everywhere in an effort to deter any would-be mischief makers, we built our chapel with large windows (not stained glassed ones) so that anybody driving past could look in and see exactly what was happening inside. Added to this, we stream our Sunday morning service live to give people another opportunity to look in and see what we’re about. Added to this we a support women’s shelter, a pregnancy support centre for young unmarried single mums, a homeless shelter, a drug rehabilitation centre, and other agencies that help people in need. All of this over-defensiveness is in response to his charge against greedy religious people who have a hundred billion dollars yet we “still have people on the street that are broke.”

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.
James 1:27

One of his biggest disappointments with Jesus is that He said He was going to return “soon” — but He hasn’t! One of the hats I wear in addition to my pastoral hat, is the hat I wear as a theologian helping prospective ministers earn their degrees in Bible / Theology / Ministry. My specialty is hermeneutics (how we interpret text) and in particular eschatology (what the Bible teaches about last things). Most of this site is dedicated to writing about issues related to this field of study. Dax expresses an eschatological disappointment in his song, and this is why these comments about Dax’s song are on this site. Dax is not the first one—or the only one—to express such disappointment in Christ’s seeming delay in returning to right all wrongs. His, and others confusion (include great minds such as C.S. Lewis), stems from the conflation of the terms ‘return’ and ‘come’ in such passages as Matthew 24 and Luke 21. The careful reader of these passages will note that the word ‘return’ does not occur (but is wrongly assumed to be so). I wish I had the opportunity to sit down with Dax and listen more closely to his grievances and then perhaps offer him a different perspective about this, especially about what he has been told about the return of Christ. This probably won’t ever happen though. In the meantime, it would have been my plan to present him with a copy of The Most Embarrassing Verse In The Bible and dare suggest that this little book might clear up his disappointment with Jesus.

A song like this strikes me as coming from the heart of someone who is seeking God and the truth. And there’s one thing I know for sure about anyone who, like Dax seems to be doing, seeks God and the truth, and it comes from the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ and it forms the basis of my prayer for Dax-   

¶ “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.
Matthew 7:7-8

Who knows? Maybe one day Dax might visit Legana and pop on into a Sunday morning service. If he does, I hope that he will hear well-reasoned answers given by a pastor who really, sincerely, and genuinely cares for people and for the cause of Christ. And if he does, I also hope that it might shed some light on why Jesus said that He would build His Church (Matthew 16:18).


-Andrew Corbett



    there is a lot of confusion in religion….is the main cause of our problem we face everyday…
    religion have make others think life is not a greatest gift from God but rather heaven……Sometimes religion make others quit their talent …religion is one of the major reason why rascism exist today….everyone think his /she is right…..God never had religion….

    • Angel

      Coz life on Earth shall soon end. But we ought to work for that life that shan’t end.

    • Kat

      Honestly I feel like Dax feeling disappointed in said situation. I drifted away to as I got older cause I couldn’t deal with loss. And I didn’t understand. I was a quiet person growing up. I asked God questions at 16.i heard nothing so I gave up. I put God in a zip lock bag cause all I wanted was answers to my questions. I have two kids now and I started believing again due to 2020 end world scare. Which people predicting his coming every year which isn’t supposed to be determined. Some times I do say oh my god out of stress and anger with my daily life and I don’t mean to curse his name at all. I ask for forgiveness. But it still feels like I hear nothing like what am I doing wrong. I never got baptized only Annoited as a teen. And I don’t know why there is a lot of different religions. I also don’t understand why god and Satan has to take this, fight to us on earth.amx I’m trying to stop lying though it’s hard cause of fear of getting in trouble. I don’t know what to do like I’m trying but everything I do feels like, it’s never enough. So yeah I feel like Dax now

      • Andrew Corbett

        Thank you Kat. If I like, I could try to share some answers to your questions, which other might be asking as well, in some YouTube videos I could create to deal with them. In the meantime, have a look a journey I created on YouTube which has benefited a few people – .

      • Mubarak

        It’s true sometimes I just think what if there wasn’t a God in the first place

    • Anietie

      Yeah Dreams is a give ‘ an so it had to be who the giver of the dream use it to achieved , I gat my name on the audio max Niczy Niczy..
      Dare God who make this day every one have a reasons why they re living’ goodness an Mercy shall follow you .Dax I will love to hear more

      • Sejana

        Hello Pastor Corbett,
        I read your response to ‘Dear God’ and I just wanted to say I appreciated what you wrote. You took time to address some of the issues expressed in the song (and his heart) which many have also expressed about God. As a parent of teens, I also appreciated your comment about how as you have gotten older (and experienced different things in life) your questions of God has changed. I appreciated you categorizing his words towards God as a lament, which are found in the Bible and we see and hear today from people and people groups. Most importantly, I appreciated your tone of respect to Dax as a person with thoughtful questions and I can only imagine that your church benefits from your thoughtful pastoral care. Thank you. @sejanashines

        • Preston Hanson

          I couldn’t have picked any better words myself as to just how amazing Pastor Corbetts approach to Daxs music was. That is exactly what a true man of God speaks like. Total submission to the spirit in love , letting God pick each and every word that was wrote. So cool to see what a true Christian operates and sounds like. So hard to find em these days. Wish I could attend his church and just shake this man’s hand and ask him how he did it. How he got to be who he is today. What ditches did he have to dig while he was in the valley. How nice was it when God finally sent the rain? I hope to speak.and reflect such God like qualities as Pastor Corbett one day. But as I’m discovering with each passing day, to walk that close to Christ and maintain that balance between mind , body ,and spirit. Is far from easy. No doubt about it Pastor Corbett puts in his due diligence in serving the kingdom and God’s will. Bet God and him have some lovely moments in his private devotional time where he seeks out the lord. Thanks to the both of you for letting ur Light shine. I gotta go buy my own oil for my lantern then ill be right behind yall. I ran out here lately lol.

      • Cj

        I love your response& wish to have a chat with you Sir.

        • Rhoda

          So many times I’ve felt like Dax,am just confused on the right religion that is pleasing to God. I’ve just given up on religion believing in doing the right things which I don’t know if it’s really right before people so I have to be more closer to my heart to know if am being judged within.Now I don’t know what to tell my kids when asked mom why don’t u like going to church? Though I know that there’s a power that answers to my needs whether is called God or not I believe in a supreme being.

    • Aminu Boluwatife

      This life na cruise, that’s you see a pastor molesting the church member and even the so called the Imam lieing to there members face

  2. Archibong Felix Favour

    Dax if u can read this pls hear me out God isn’t someone that fails in his words he must surely fulfill it no matter how long it takes people seem to say God isn’t alive becayse he doesn’t grant their heart desires but God allows what he knows that good for you.
    God let’s bad things happen to you in other to test your faith once you are able to hold unto him in your hard times he seems to love you very much them makes things turn around for you even if u die poor on earth but u had Jesus u will be rich in heaven.
    Dax when God said that he is coming soon it doesn’t mean that He will as soon as you think if may take 300 years but it really seems that God will Come because his signs are coming to pass.
    Hope I made sense to you

    • Daniel

      Religion has drifted away from its primary aim;to save n care for the sheep
      It now about making money n gaining fame prolly thru prayer n famous preachings n not really to reach out to those in need.
      Dax… I really wish u meet with someone who can explain some things in Bible for u

    • Zayne

      Have you thought if this life is worth living
      All we live for is heaven so why the need of living in earth
      Have you sit and ask yourself why even religious are failing their followers
      Imagine an Iman from a mosque using charms, pastors using charms and many other eye witnessed unbelievable act
      Who is fooling who?
      Where are we going?
      Africans are easily controlled by religion
      Who should we believe?

      I asked my dad on day “if human didn’t exist, where would we have been or what would have been in existence”
      Is God really there?
      Everybody comes and goes

      We just begging we get in and God gives us grace
      Yeah we see the sign of his coming(according to the bible)

      • AJ

        The reason we live this life on earth is because we are supposed to bring glory to God and bring people to his kingdom rather than just let them go to hell, knowing a general idea of what they would go through. As Christians, we have a gift we are supposed to share with the world because God want’s all of his children with him, but because sin exists and God can’t be around sin, we screw up the chance we have in going to heaven. That’s the reason we go to God for forgiveness. To answer the, “is God really there,” question, I’ve had the same doubt in my mind before and it has caused me to slip away from him, but I talked with my family (who are really strong in faith) and a few of my pastors and have come to the realization that through our tough times, it won’t feel like he’s there because we are focusing on trying to fix the problem rather than trusting God and leaving it in his hands

        • Emmanuel

          If we are to bring people to God, why are they born in the first place. God gives children
          I don’t get this whole cycle… a child who knows nothing is brought into the world and then we have to convince them to change later on. Then it repeats.. why give birth then

        • Drew

          Love God and love people. It’s hard to know what that looks like sometimes however.

      • okikiola

        Yes,I do ask that question where was God staying before he created heaven and earth, where would we be if God hasn’t created us but you no what I actually support dax cause he is just asking some questions which he wants an answer to.and I also don’t believe in religion imagine kneeling down in front of a sinner like you to pray for you although I do believe in God existence 🙏 and I know he is coming very soon but I also wanna ask another question why did God create earth ?

      • Max

        Book of Revelation…
        I like that

  3. Sherry Harrison

    Pastor Corbett (I assume is your name), I’m so glad you a heard Dax song and was able to shred some light where the LORD allowed you to.
    Let’s keep Dax in our prayers.
    People who go through a lot I’ve always felt it’s because there is a great purpose for their life and they will have a great testimony for GOD’S glory.
    GOD has given Dax a great gift of expression and communication. Let’s pray for his protection on his journey to do what GOD has created him to do. Pray for him to have discernment and wisdom. Pray for his ears and heart to hear GOD’S voice only and that his spiritual eyes will be open to see GOD’S light in his life. Most of all just pray GOD’S WILL BE DONE.

    • Andrew Corbett


    • Bertus

      Where or how to start. First off I think I need to make something clear I am not a christian I am a child of God. Now that may be confusing to allot but please hear me out. I am turning 40 this year and sadly I have to confess that most of that time was spent in anger. I was angry at the unfair world angry at the silly people and most of all angry at God. I lost my little sister to cancer at the age of 16 she was 13. Parents separated a year or two before that. I hated God to be honest. I started writing poetry around the same time and always thought it was my way of getting rid of all the sadness and hatred in my heart. For the next twenty years my life had its ups and downs like life does. Every time things went very wrong I would call out to God and ask him why he couldn’t just end it and get it over with. You see I never really stopped believing that God was real I just didn’t trust him or loved him for that matter. There was a few times I tested him even and looking back now he never and I mean never let me down. I didn’t realize it then but I have had so many signs from God. I went thru 2 wives the last one 3 years ago. After 8 years ago she just left me and yes once again I was going into a very dark place. But what happened then is something that I am still struggling to understand or really comprehend. Being alone like that with all that time on my hands brought me back to my poetry I started going thru everything I wrote from the age of 16. And I realized a truth that rocked me to my core. My poetry that I wrote had two sides to them the one poem would be me asking questions and blaming everything and everyone and then the next poem would answer my questions and comfort my grievances. I did not know what to make of it to be honest. Then came my 3rd wife and she put it all into place for me. If you look at the way my poems are written it seems to be from two very differant people. Now I am not saying I am special or anything like that all I know is that during the darkest times of my life my Lord and Father was there to pull me thru. I say again I am not a christian but I am a child of God. God works in mysterious ways and for every person it will be different. Not one of us is the same so how can we think that He will choose to help us in the same way. I am sorry Pastor I know you may not agree with me and I can respect that. I have never told my story like this and I may never do so again but something here just pulled my heart strings. From one child of God to all the rest to every single believer out there God loves you. May all of you have peace and love in your lives.

      • Tommy Ken

        This song put tears in my eyes, it seems like Dax was speaking the deep thoughts of my heart.

      • Dani

        Wow……this was powerful. The 16 yr old you, you noticed later on, would write a poem asking questions…and the poem to follow seemed to bring a comforting conclusion to the one before it……this is powerful

  4. Onyango

    Thank God I read this…

  5. UglyBoss

    I need more songs like dis one.
    It explain my thought

    • London Rene

      I feel that.

  6. Abel

    Dax you asked a question where was God when you were messing up you life. God was on the same spot He was when Stephen was stone stoned to death, He was at the same spot when Apostle Paul, Peter, James etc where killed.

    You also talked about the return of Jesus.
    But Here what He said in His word in 2 Peter 3:9
    “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.”

    Every answer you are looking for is in His word. Only if you will have the patience to search for it.
    For those saying they asked God question but they hear nothing, read the bible that’s where God’ words are. Ask the for the teacher of the Holy spirit cos He’s our greater teacher.

    Stop looking to men let Christ be our yardstick. Afterall Jesus made it clear in His word, that not all who calls me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of God, except those who does the will of His father.

    Don’t study pastors, study God’s word. I N as much as there are many fake pastors all around the world, there are also many genuine pastors that are rightly dividing the word of truth. Ask God to open your eyes to see the right one.

    Study God’s word and you will find answers to the questions in your heart.

    God Bless you.

    • Young black broke and lost

      I respect your contribution but my question is who wrote the Bible, why most it be just in a book?

      • Wale

        Am now enlightened with this… Am more-or-less like Dax

    • Sam Robin

      (I used to be a Christian, now I’m not).
      So you’re also saying that God was in the same spot watching all those children die during the wars, famine, natural disasters and didn’t bat one eye?
      In another perspective, if a human were to watch a murder or rape happening in front of his eye and couldn’t do a thing either he’s incapable of doing something effective or he’s into what’s happening in front of him.
      I don’t want your god who’s incapable or sadistic.

  7. London Rene

    My question is, If God knows everything that’s gonna happen, and he created the world as said in Genisis, and he is the highest power, then why would he create the world, to begin with if he knew that there would be a point in time that his children would have to burn in hell. Is that really love? Was He just bored one day and said to himself “mmmm let’s create a world that will end in total destruction and see what happens”? I guess basically what I’m asking is, why did God create the world when he didn’t have to if he knew how it would end?

  8. Bimbsreal

    Dax hits the nail on its head
    I don’t care how religious folks take it especially Christians
    The book the call the word of God is/was actually written by Man for human control
    Isn’t it of recent that the Pope of Vatican said they are trying to review the Bible into modern standard i.e Samson can be replaced with Superman. We could probably have Marvel and DC comics characters as Apostles and Biblical figures(😂😂..)
    If our own generation won’t accept it, the next will accept it as the ”Word of God” because they probably weren’t around when it was formulated
    I believe in the existence of a Creator eg God but in a Deist philosophy. We are here, we are the evil and good. Heaven or Hell is a myth. It’s a condition or a state of living.
    If I write a book today, in my acknowledgement, I will probably put ”I give God the glory for the inspiration to write this piece”. Does that mean God actually wrote the books for me? My book is surely going to get some likes and dislikes by readers because I can’t be 100% accurate. There must surely be some flaws in it. That’s the case of the Bible and any other religious books. It’s all man made. It’s no word of God.
    Let’s deal with that

    • Caleb

      In response to what you have said Bimbsreal, I do agree with you that the Books of the Bible were written by man. But God spoke to the certain people who wrote the books. If you dig into the Bible you will see the times where God literally speaks to people in the Bible (such as Moses see numbers 12:8) God did miraculous works through him and then he wrote about it in the first five books of the Bible. And if the same question still pops up of it’s just made by man for human control we can look at the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John) 4 different accounts which record the same story just from a slightly different point of view. And then we can look at Paul’s life, if Paul’s main goal was to get human control he was doing one bad job considering the fact that he was in prison, for some time up to 8 years and was then what we can assume beheaded as a martyr since there was no record of his death. But for your retorocal question of ‘Does that mean God wrote the book’ the answer is no. If you look at the Old Testament especially it’s a record of what had happened, or some, kind of like a testimony (walk with God, ups, downs, in between etc.). The books Moses wrote are a record of the Israelites story. How they were slaves in Egypt, how they were brought out, how they complained to God etc. But through the whole story it’s all pointed toward God. As you’ll see in these text Moses records that Gods anger burned and that He is abounding in love and forgiveness and that He is slow to anger. See these books were written specifically for the Glory and purpose of God and teaching others of what he had done for them.

      • Deathly King

        I don’t believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell.
        We all will live only once, if we die that’s all abt it there’s no soul’s for every living beings that exists in this universe.
        If Religions preach abt Heaven and Hell,Did anyone of u once died and return to this planet,or have u ever seen or experience the real Existence of Heaven and Hell.
        I don’t give a shit.
        Lastly I would like to sum up saying this:Love the life u Live and enjoy the shit on your way.

        • Christian Clement

          May I ask a question why come to a website where it’s is strictly about the word of God and then try and say something like this it’s very inappropriate of you everybody in America likes to say ” hate speech this hate speech that ” but never say anything about this they support everyone but Christians and it seems that they one to disprove it because it is the one true religion please understand we are humans too and we are allowed to say as we want same as you so please don’t try to trash talk what we live for and believe in

  9. Delly

    cool, there so many unanswered questions

  10. Papoga Native

    God bless PNG

  11. Alex W.

    Thank you for this article.
    As a long time believer (going on 33 years) former Pastor, Missionary, Performing Christian Musician, and Father of 5, I am pretty interested in this new trend of “Christian” rap artists.
    I wouldn’t consider them actual regenerate born again believers by any degree, but I do feel they are bringing big questions out into the the popular discussion in culture.
    While these may be be questions we’ve had no struggle with due to our years of experience with the Word, these kids now have really not had access to the churches we’ve had years ago.
    The “church” is a mess today. The true churches are very far and few behind. I remember when the Willow Creek type churches were emerging and we were all discussing how that model of “seeker friendly” church was going to dumb everything down to the degree that church would become another basic entertaining part of pop culture for people to engage in at their leisure. It worked. The Gospel is hidden now.

    However, I am happy that someone is asking these difficult questions publicly on a large scale because we now have an opportunity to answer those questions, in discussion, with Love, as they come up with those encountering his music.

    Thanks again for the thoughtful and thorough reply to his music and for your years of service in the Church.


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The Rapture Examined

About Apostles
A Non-Futurist Vision of The Future
Is Preterism Biblical?
Who Is The Man Identified With The Number - 666
About the "great-tribulation"
Is Israel God's Unfinished Business?
The Binding of Satan
What The Bible Teaches About Alcohol
About Apostles
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