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 Tips for leading a small group Bible Study-

Our Bible Study Groups are a really important part of believer’s discipleship. Bible Study Groups are not merely an intellectual exercise. They are a profound enterprise in building the community of our church so that there is a strong hedge of protection around each member of the church participating. Bible Study Group leaders are responsible for-

(i) Discussing what the text actually says. This means using questions like- “Does anyone else have a different translation of that text?” “How might you re-word that text?” “What is Paul (or the author of the text) trying to say here?” “Does the context of this text affect the way we understand what is really being said here?”

(ii) Discussing what the text means. This means using questions like- “What does this [word] mean in this text?” “Can you recall any other Bible texts that shed light on this text?” “What would you say to someone who said [ridiculous interpretation of the text] ?” “Are there any Biblical exceptions to this?”

(iii) Discussing how the text applies to us. This means facilitating questions like- “Have you ever met anyone who did this text well?” “If someone wanted to improve in how they obeyed this text, what they have to do better?” “How could a believer faced with [difficult and challenging circumstances] apply this text?” “If you met someone who was struggling with this text what could you say to them to help them?” “Can you think of another text that complements this text?” “If we as a group did this verse really well, what challenges would we have had had to overcome to get there?

To open one of the Bible Studies series below, click on the ( + ) sign on each Bible Study Series. To download either the coaching MP3, or the Printable PDF files, right-click on the link and “Save as” or “Download linked file”.

The Gospel, The Epistle To The Romans

This Study series includes printable PDFs and mentoring MP3s for the Group leader…

Introduction  [PDF] [MP3]
Part 1 – The Power of God [PDF [MP3]
Part 2 – Written On Hearts  [PDF [MP3]
Part 3 – None Righteous  [PDF [MP3]
Part 4 – Father Abraham  [PDF] [MP3]
Part 5 – The Free Gift [PDF [MP3]
Part 6 – Slaves Of Righteousness  [PDF [MP3]
Part 7 – Nothing Good In Me  [PDF [MP3]
Part 8 – According To His Purpose [PDF [MP3]
Part 9 – God’s Purpose Of Election  [PDF [MP3]
Part 10 – The End Of The Law  [PDF [MP3]
Part 11 – A Partial Hardening  [PDF [MP3]
Part 12 – Sacrifices, Stewards, Servants  [PDF [MP3]
Part 13 – Put On The Lord Jesus Christ [PDF [MP3]
Part 14 – Pursue What Makes For Peace  [PDF [MP3]
Part 15 – May You Abound In Hope [PDF [MP3]
Part 16 – Watch Out For Those Who Cause Division  [PDF [MP3]



  1. David Veillon

    I just been introduced to your small group bible study lessons. I’ve been reading through the material and I’m excited to use them with my small group.

  2. Sydney Chard

    We have started a mens bible study. Had just finisded Johns gospel. We needed a study in Romans . I found your study on internet starting this study this thursday 18 Aug 2022 . Thank you and God bless you. Have down loaded and printed the master copies.
    Sydney Chard


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