vote-hereThe people of America will soon be voting for their new President. In life, we are sometimes faced with choices which offer us no attractive option. It is in times like those where we might use two filters to help us come to a responsible decision. Firstly, is there a third (and better) option? Secondly, if there is not a third option (a more attractive option than the two already presented), choose the lesser of two evils.

The American people may be faced with having to use the second these two filters. Last Thursday night our Home Group prayed for all Americans to be given the wisdom to know how to vote. We think that they’ll need it.

One of the reasons that America faces such a difficult choice with the Presidential election is perhaps due in part to a poor understanding of the interplay between Christianity and politics. Evangelicals fall largely into two camps – despair that this world is headed for judgment, or, triumphalistic expectations that the Gospel will Christianise the world including its governments. How a Christian views the ‘end’ determines which of these positions they are more closely aligned to, and then subsequently, how they engage in the political process.

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Andrew Corbett

29th October 2016

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He’s considered to be one of the twenty greatest preachers of all time…

Beyond The Veil of Familiarity

Beyond The Veil of Familiarity

Viewing Life Beyond The Veil of Familiarity

One of the greatest things that I have learned from looking at the life and work of Dr. F.W. Boreham is that life’s greatest treasures are often obscured by the veil of familiarity. It often takes an outsider to see plainly what most locals do not. This sometimes sad fact was highlighted in some recent release movies such as “Spotlight” and “Concussion” where it was some outsiders who helped the locals see the gross injustices happening right under their noses. And I think the same phenomena often happens with how we read the Bible.

This was reinforced to me the other day when I spoke with a pastor about the Olivet Discourse (which occurs in Matthew 24 and 25). I simply asked some ‘familiarity-challenging’ questions about this passage. “Have you noticed that the word return does not occur in Matthew 24?” was one of the questions I asked. This challenge to consider this passage from a different perspective led to this pastor remarking, “How many other things have I just accepted without questioning to see if it was really what the Bible taught?” If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, here’s a few short articles which may give you a new perspective …

What the Bible says – and doesn’t say – about the ‘lion and the lamb’ and why preachers need to be careful quoting verses which aren’t in the Bible!

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