'Faith' is not believing something despite the facts – on the contrary – Biblical faith is a matter of believing the facts.

"It's not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, it's that it's been tried and found difficult!"G.K. Chesterton



The recent terror attack in France this month by a deranged delivery-truck driver is the seventh terrorist attack on French soil in the past 18 months. As we in Australia awoke to the devastating news of what had happened to our French cousins, there was community expressions and outpourings of sympathy for those affected by this evil.

As the latest updates appeared on CNN in a shoe shop where I was buying Kim a pair of shoes, the female sales assistant said to me, “I don’t understand it. How could anyone do this to other people?” I replied that this indeed was not rational or logical, but rather spiritual. These terrorists generally claim quite openly that they acting on behalf of their religious ideas about God and His will. This kind of religious fundamentalism (where ‘fundamentalism’ is a commitment to a dogmatism is not open to open to challenges from rationality or reason) arises from a spiritual delusion. The apostle Paul referred to this kind spiritual manipulation of people as “bewitching” (Gal. 3:1) and ‘blindness’ (2Cor. 4:4). The solution to this can hardly be bullets or bombs! The solution can only be spiritual! Interestingly, the Prophets warned both Israel and other nations that forsaking or rejecting God and His Word would leave them vulnerable to “terrorism”.

Jeremiah prophesies "terrorism"

Jeremiah 49:37

I understand that France, Belgium and other European countries affected by Islamic terrorism will feel the only way they can respond is by a physical show of force, but my prediction is that as long as they are spiritually weak and vulnerable they will ever be susceptible to this insidious evil perpetrated by spiritually deranged madmen who believe a lie.

One of the greatest spiritual weapons is truth. It is truth not faith which is antidote to doubt and unbelief. It is truth not force which is the antidote to delusion. The truth is that what motivates these Fundamentalist Terrorists are beliefs which are not true. As long as Western leaders deny this they are in affect perpetuating the spiritual cause of radicalisation. As long as non-Muslims remain ignorant about who the founder of Islam was and how he established this new religion, they remain susceptible to the false ideas promoted about it. The answer to this rapidly spreading terrorism is primarily spiritual not physical.

One of our other greatest spiritual weapons, which is why Christianity has been able to peaceably gain a foothold in the most spiritually destitute places on earth is prayer. As the Apostle wrote to the Ephesians, “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood” those who are trying to combat terrorism think they are fighting against “flesh and blood” when in reality there are insidious spiritual forces of darkness at play. Thus, our response to this atrocious act of sin and cruelty tonight in our evening church service was to pray for France and the people of Nice in particular. Indeed, as Instagram was awash with the hashtag #prayforNice, we are.

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C.S. Lewis also once famously said that democracy is not the best form of government – but it’s the best one we have! In Australia we have been enduring an election campaign that has gone on for nearly eight weeks, which is a little unusual for Australia. But spare a thought for our American cousins who have had what appears to be an election circus going on for months now and still has months to go! On Saturday July 2, Australian voters go to the Polls and whatever the outcome, it will have huge ramifications for our future and be a temperature-taking moment for where Australian sentiments currently lie.

I, like many others, attended the local ACL candidate forum where each of the main parties had a representative sharing and defending their views. I was upset and disturbed by most of what I heard. From the outset, I need to state that I am not a member of a political party (nor have I been). Thus, my comments are not beholden to any Party’s agenda. There’s three broad categories of concerns that deeply trouble me about this current election and the political climate. These are-

(i) What each of the Parties claim are the main issues for the Federal Government to address

(ii) How each of the Parties propose to address their idea of the main issues

(iii) What the main issues really are!

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